Twitch Sells Out on Amazon Prime Day

Okay, so we just did something a little crazy—and now that it’s all over, we’re finally allowed to talk  about it…

On July 15th and July 16th , otherwise known as Amazon Prime Day (AKA one of the biggest global sales events this side of Christmas), Butcher Bird Studios teamed up with live-stream-gaming juggernaut Twitch to produce a live QVC-style home-shopping show lovingly titled TWITCH SELLS OUT: A Prime Day Special Event. 

TWITCH SELLS OUT was hosted by a rogue’s gallery of Twitch’s top streamers including JERICHO, AnneMunition, Ezekiel_III (and many more) who ballyhooed over 100 Prime Day products and deals over the course of an uninterrupted 36 hour live stream from our Glendale studio. 

Collaborating with Twitch’s creative team,  Butcher Bird Studios wrote, produced, and executed this commercial extravaganza utilizing three overlapping production units and the latest in live-streaming know-how.  Throughout the stream, we kept Twitch’s fervent audience engaged with interactive polls, games and chat integration. The result was an unprecedented cocktail of direct marketing, influencer muscle and spontaneous live silliness. 

During the witching hours between 10PM – 10AM, selling out took a rest, but we kept the stream going with a night of periodic gags which ranged from the subtle to the weird. Highlights included a live reading of Moby Dick, a ghost haunting and an interactive midnight snack. 

Butcher Bird also produced the video promo campaign leading up to the main event which ran on Twitch’s ad stream and social channels. Finally, we created a series of pre-recorded interstitials and merch commercials which played periodically throughout the show, as well as generating social content on the fly. 

When all was said, sold and done, TWITCH SELLS OUT exceeded expectations in key metrics. Stay tuned for a further case study write-up, but in the meanwhile, our (purple) hats are off to all of our many collaborators and illustrious magic-making crew who made this possible.

Twitch Sells Out