The Shivers Kickstarter Finds Huge Success

Andy Logan of AWOL has designed innumerable products over the years, some may be in your home or office at this moment. He had been craving a unique and imaginative tabletop game to play with his daughters when he realized he should create his own. Thus, The Shivers was born, a one-of-a-kind popup adventure.

We at Butcher Bird were approached to produce a video for his upcoming Kickstarter campaign. The visuals and unique popup mechanics really intrigued us and we quickly became enamored by the concept. As of this writing, with 27 hours to go, the Kickstarter has raised nearly $500,000 (12 times its goal).

Watch the campaign video embedded above and delve in deeper with the Behind-the-scenes discussion below.

The Shivers Kickstarter Success